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Miles Brown
Miles Brown

Crack Autocad 2008 Windows 7 32 Bit _VERIFIED_

HiWe just upgraded from XP to Windows 7 64bit on the Cad guy's computer. Trying to install Autocad 2008 and it says this is a 32bit program and not supported on 64 bit.etc. Is there a work around or files that can be replaced?I researched for a while and I found this link in the forums: that basically replaces the associated MSI files with replaced ones so that specific version can install on a 64bit version.Is there a way to get those files that the Autodesk Support Team mentions for regular autocad 2008? We need 64 bit for more Ram and to help future proof the systems as everything is moving towards 64bit.Thanks.

crack autocad 2008 windows 7 32 bit




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