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Where To Buy Costume Makeup

The Costumer not only specializes in theatrical makeup for stage makeup, movie makeup, and film makeup but also in costume makeup for dressing up and giving your Halloween or masquerade costume the final finishing touch.

where to buy costume makeup

Halloween can get pretty expensive, and although there are fanatics who wouldn't mind investing their savings into amazing costumes and makeup, not everyone wants to splurge on a look. Partygoers on a budget can always count on cheap Halloween makeup to make their costume a head turner, without shelling out the big bucks.

After all, makeup is a crucial part of your Halloween look. A blonde wig and a "daddy's little monster" tee may make you a member of the Suicide Squad, but you couldn't do a Harley Quinn costume justice without the perfect smeared red and blue makeup to complete the aesthetic. Sure, you could just rock the right clothes, but the perfect lippie and a smidgen of eyeshadow in a throwback shade could really pull a '90s television Halloween costume together. It doesn't matter if your character of choice is real or fictional: A little makeup adds the finishing touches to ensure your costume is as authentic as possible.

Whether your look requires face paints or real deal makeup, It is possible to get the supplies you need without spending a fortune. Keep these 11 low cost Halloween makeup suppliers in mind as you shop for your costume's beauty element this year.

By the time October rolls around, Walmart's Halloween section gets pretty loaded. The super center is known for offering low prices on the daily, so you can expect to find costume makeup at affordable prices, too. If it so happens that regular makeup is what you need for your costume, you're still in luck: Walmart's cosmetics aisles include more selections than the average drugstore at the same competitive prices.

All hail the megastore for all things Halloween. Spirit Halloween is a one stop shop for all of your costuming needs. Their selection is so huge, you're guaranteed to get what you want without having a heart attack at the checkout. The retailer has loads of makeup and FX transfers under $15 that'll get you one step closer to snagging "Best Costume."

Hot Topic offers cosplay and spooky, alternative accessories, and the store was practically made for Halloween. From fake blood to black lipstick, Hot Topic supplies a variety of makeup items, and for low prices.

Yet another drugstore makeup retailer, CVS is home to affordable brands like Revlon, Wet 'n Wild, and Milani. The store also features pop up Halloween sections, and you should be able to find reasonably priced face paints and costume makeup essentials there.

At Michaels, you can find costume paints year round, but by October, the store's selection is even more impressive. They've got full kits of Halloween face paint to choose from, so you can create basically any look you want.

Plan your trip to Party City carefully, because it's easy to get caught up in the Halloween spirit. Party City's grand selection of costumes and accessories can get overwhelming, especially when there's so much you can bag for a bargain.

As long as you steer clear of the prestige makeup aisles, you can actually make a modest makeup purchase at Ulta. This beauty destination is stocked with dozens of drugstore brands that often have BOGO deals you may not find at other retailers.

Since 1955, Theatre House has helped millions of productions come to life by with theatrical supply products including gaffers tape, makeup, wigs, stage lighting, props, costumes, specialty fabric and much more. With world-class products from Ben Nye, Mehron, Rubies and Rosco - we're here to make sure your show goes on. Theatre House is located right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio in Northern Kentucky.

Break hearts in these red-hot nylon opaque red tights. The ruby red tights are the perfect addition to your delicious devil costume, red-hot nurse costume, clown costume or just for a bold splash of color.

KUMADORI Makeup One characteristic style of kabuki makeup is called kumadori, in which the color and the way of painting the lines changes according to the role. From left:RED for youth, justice, anger and bombastic strength, especially in aragoto style plays.INDIGO for a villain or evil spirit.BROWN for supernatural demons or ghosts.UNIQUE STYLE ex.representing a drooping moustache.

Halloween looked different these last few years. A global shutdown briefly put easy Halloween makeup and other traditions for the occasion, such as Halloween nail art, in retirement. After spending time in self-isolation, many of us are picking simple face makeup back up in both our day-to-day lives and for special occasions like October 31.

Now that some Halloween-themed outings are making a comeback this year (if cases are up in your area or you're simply concerned about Covid-19 and/or Monkeypox, take proper precautions and safety measures), consider these makeup looks for the big night. There's a solid chance you already own most of the makeup required to make these looks happen. You don't have to know how to do any intricate special-effects makeup techniques (as seen with these scary Halloween makeup looks), so you'll be able to pull off plenty of these easy, DIY ideas regardless of whether you're a skilled makeup artist or an eager beauty beginner.

Ahead, find 48 makeup-only Halloween costumes that are perfect for beauty enthusiasts at every skill level. And for all you procrastinators out there, these make for a great solution if you need a last-minute look.

"After being heavily inspired by the Joker movie, I wanted to create a look that would sum up the way I understood the character Arthur Fleck," says makeup artist Adaeze Ebeku. "That understanding is what I would describe as 'the art of sane madness.'"

Grab some yellow eye shadow like ColourPop's Pressed Powder Shadow in Tiki and a brown eyeliner like MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy and you've officially got this easy Halloween makeup look on lock. Simple, right?

Move over, Avatar Aang, because Prince Zuko is about to become one of this year's most popular Halloween makeup looks, and for a good reason. Makeup artist Joanna Crauswell used Mehron Makeup's SynWax and Cream Blend Sticks to create Zuko's signature burn around her eye, but you can easily recreate this look at home even if you don't have the urge to splurge on special-effects makeup. We think a deep-red eye shadow topped with a shimmery highlighter (we like Revlon's Skinlights Prismatic Powder Highlighter in Daybreak Glimmer) will work just as well.

Many fans of Netflix's Bridgerton have not only fallen in love with its storyline but its elegant fashion, too. Take some pointers from makeup artist Sara Šček and transform into a modern-day English lady-in-waiting with this simple pink eye shadow look. Line the top and lower lids of the eyes with a magenta-colored eye shadow or eyeliner pencil. At the upper lash line, use a pastel pink eye shadow or pencil, then draw a wing with a white pencil in the middle of the eyelid.

Crying in the club doesn't have to look sad. In fact, it can look totally fabulous. Glasgow, Scotland-based makeup artist Aimée Stanton takes shedding tears to a whole new level with her neon-pink tears, sparkly pink eye shadow, and pink-tinted brows, all of which you can achieve with a multiuse pigment like Danessa Myricks Colorfix Eye, Cheek & Lip Cream Pigment.

This look is for all the K-pop fans out there. You can pretend to be a star for the night with Kino's colorful "ribbit" cheek makeup from Pentagon's Thumbs Up! promo shoot. To get the shapes of the letters just right, you can use a stencil like this one from Amazon. This minor detail can actually make a major difference in the finished look.

Who would have thought that a Halloween look could be made using such makeup staples? For a concealer that won't budge, try using Maybelline New York Age Rewind Concealer (another Best of Beauty winner) like Hernandez did.

Adding some floral illustrations to your face doesn't have to include painting layers upon layers of paint. U.K.-based makeup artist Whitney Nyamayaro drew the roses onto her face with a brush that has a fine tip.

This Halloween, add four more eyes to your face for a spooky, arachnid aesthetic like Canadian makeup artist Megan Brown. You'll need some blue, white, and deep purple eye shadows for the eyes, a black liquid liner to create the illusion of false lashes (try the Best of Beauty-winning Hyper Easy Liner from Maybelline New York), and a dark, berry-colored gloss for the blood-like lips.

Turning into a punk-rock star for HalloWeekend is easy to do with the right choice of outfit and clothing, as shown by Los Angeles-based makeup artist Michaella Page. All you need is a glowy base, some shimmery silver eye shadow, black eyeliner, black lipstick, and a fluttery pair of false eyelashes, of course. Then you're ready to rock and roll all night long.

You don't need to be sprinkled with "a little bit of pixie dust" to look like Tinkerbell. U.K.-based makeup artist Leila Nikea turned into one of her favorite Disney characters with little but an easy eye makeup look.

Warning: The following scary Halloween makeup look is not for the faint of heart. For fans of all the Child's Play films, though, you're gonna want to hop on this look ASAP. Makeup artist Chloe Gemma started off with a solid base using Catrice's HD Cover Liquid Foundation and E.L.F. Cosmetics's Hydrating Camo Concealer. Once your base is complete, prepare to create some maroon-colored lines across your face (and some silver stitches drawn on top of those with a metallic eyeliner pencil) to look just like Chucky.

Merge the red eye makeup and dotted eyeliner trends into one scary Halloween makeup situation. After coating your face in a white base, contour using whatever gray eye shadow you have in your collection. For the eyes and lips alike, apply some red eye shadow or face paint (whatever's easiest), and then draw some blood spatter-esque dots on top using a fine-tipped brush and a slightly deeper red shade. 041b061a72


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