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Nanobiosensors For Environmental Monitoring: Fu... !!INSTALL!!

The quantitative analysis of single components from complex biological and environmental samples has traditionally been achieved by the time-consuming and expensive combination of highly sophisticated chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques. Most recent advances in the field of biosensors include the development of optical nanobiosensors. The development in the nanotechnology leading to the fabrication of optical fibers with submicron-sized dimensions has opened new avenues for intracellular measurements. The application of submicron fiber-optic chemical probes has been developed by Kopelman et al.,21-24,27-30 who has developed chemical nanoprobes for monitoring pH and nitric oxide. The use of nanobiosensors for given analytes in medical,31 industrial8 and environmental32-36 applications has meant that alternatives to bulky laboratory-based procedures, especially in the case of in vivo analysis.27,28

Nanobiosensors for Environmental Monitoring: Fu...

The maximum LSPR wavelength shift observed for AB binding to biotinylated nanoparticles caused a +38 nm red-shift in the LSPR λmax. These results indicated that the LSPR nanobiosensor reacts minimally to nonspecific binding,102 offering an exciting application of nanoscience to medical diagnostics and biomedical research.103 The LSPR nanobiosensor developed in this study expected to demonstrate a wide range of biomedical and environmental applications. The LSPR biosensor may be an alternative to currently existing immunosensors. The sensor designed would be completely noninvasive and capable of organelle specific sensing. LSPR biosensors offer a variety of advantages over traditional flat surface SPR due to the short electromagnetic field decay length (5-6 nm)101 of noble metal nanoparticles. Other kinds of nanobiosensors were also described.104-106 041b061a72


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