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Buy Samsung Fridge EXCLUSIVE

This fridge makes a statement in the kitchen for sure. Sleek and very modern looking and has unique features that other models cannot compare with. Overall, very satisfied with our purchase and have probably influenced others who have seen this in person to purchase.

buy samsung fridge

There is so much here to love. The sleek look. The fingerprint resistant doors are great if you have kids, no more Windexing the doors numerous times a day. The setup of the fridgerator gives you lots of options of how to store things.

so far, I have had nothing but an amazing experience with this fridge! the freezer and the fridge stay super cold and the flexibility with shelving and sizes are amazing. the storage in the freezer is also great.

This is an excellent smart fridge! It's has a touch screen and it's fully loaded with features. This fridge has enough space to keep everyone satisfied, love the side by side doors and spacious layout. Customizable settings makes it easy for the whole family to enjoy it for more than just storing foods, we can connect devices to it and makes our lives easier.

Samsung is part of our coveted best refrigerator brands ranking with its wide selection. One wishes that all fridges used the same water filter but that is not the case. Still, the company did a good job in standardizing its water filters with only 3 options.

I get it; you may be tempted to use your fridge filter for as long as you can, as long as the water tastes good. A lot of folks would do the same.But then, it may not be a good idea as many of the contaminants are "tasteless".

Along with the design, Samsung fridge offers defrosting functionality to keep the refrigerator set at normal temperature and to avoid ice build-up. Hence, you can simply opt between Samsung's automatic defrosting refrigerator or a manual defrosting fridge.

Preserve perishables for extended durations with the Samsung 488L French Door Refrigeration - Silver Layered Steel. Driven by a Digital Inverter Compressor, the fridge intelligently adjusts its operating speed in response to cooling demand.

Preserve perishables for extended periods with the Samsung 488L French Door Refrigeration - Silver Layered Steel. Driven by a Digital Inverter Compressor, the fridge intelligently adjusts its operating speed in response to cooling demand.

Keep your perishables at their best condition for longer with the Samsung 498L French Door Refrigeration - Silver Layered Steel. Driven by a Digital Inverter Compressor, the fridge intelligently adjusts its operating speed in response to cooling demand.

A convenient and efficient appliance for your home, the Samsung 364L Top Mount Fridge with Twin Cooling Plus - Silver Layered Steel is ideal for any modern home. Samsung's Twin Cooling Plus Technology helps keep food fresher for longer and the smart freezer, with a touch of a button, converts the freezer to a fridge allowing more room for food and beverages.

We also read a slew of other refrigerator reviews, info about reliability, and guides on how to pick and install fridges. For previous versions of this guide, we also spoke to several industry experts, including brand representatives, dealers, and repair technicians.

Think through what you want for capacity, shelving, and organization. These closely related qualities are highly important to most fridge owners. More than half of the readers who filled out our survey cited one of these three things as a top priority in their fridge, and size or layout was mentioned in at least 25% of the customer reviews we analyzed for any individual fridge. For higher-end models with specialized organization features (such as a door-in-door system or a two-drawer French-door model), size and layout were usually cited in more than 50% of reviews, and the sentiment was largely positive.

For example: One Samsung French-door fridge, the RF28R7201SR, has a terrible ice maker, with 40% of owners complaining that it jams regularly, according to our AI-assisted analysis of customer reviews. (It was by far the worst service record we came across.) But the similar Samsung RF27T5201SR has far fewer complaints, with 10% of owners complaining about ice jams (still a bad rate). And then the nearly identical-looking Samsung RF28R7551S had essentially no complaints about its ice maker jamming at the time we did the analysis. Similar trends play out among other brands (though none even come close to the failure rate on that first Samsung model).

What we can tell you is that after analyzing more than 28,000 customer reviews across 34 different fridges, it is very uncommon to find criticism of fridges for doing a poor job keeping foods fresh, outside of cases where the cooling system was obviously defective or broken.

Among refrigerators from the five major brands, LG fridges seem to make their owners the happiest. In a Wirecutter reader survey, far more real-life LG owners said they were satisfied with their fridges than owners of other brands did, and fewer said they hated their fridges.

The shelving and organization in LG fridges earned especially high ratings in our reader survey, as LG beat the other major brands in satisfaction with perceived capacity, storage ability, and accessibility of contents.

The big caveat with LG refrigerators is that some of its larger fridges are more likely than those of other brands to stop cooling, especially older models. It has been a big problem over the past decade, and although the company seems to have corrected the issue with most of its current models, there are still some side-by-side models with a really poor track record.

In 2020, LG settled a class-action lawsuit regarding faulty compressors that may have affected up to 1.6 million fridges sold from 2014 to 2017, all of which were 33- and 36-inch-wide French-door and side-by-side models.

We found some evidence of this compressor problem in our reader survey: More LG owners (3.8%) than average (2.5%) said that their fridge or freezer had stopped cooling. (Samsung was the only major brand with a worse track record for cooling failures, at 4.6%.)

We did find that LG fridges were slightly less likely to break in minor ways that are annoying (though often tolerable). So with an LG refrigerator, you might be less likely to deal with nuisances like broken shelves, handles, doors, lights, ice makers, or water dispensers. Owners also cited temperature inconsistencies less often and were notably less likely to say that organizing the fridge and keeping track of items was difficult. Consumer Reports puts LG near the front of the pack for reliability, too.

GE is also one of the handful of brands whose customer service seemed to generate fewer negative sentiments among our survey respondents, especially compared with LG and Samsung. GE has its own repair fleet in some metro areas, which might have something to do with it. To be clear, our data suggests that GE French-door fridges need repairs at a rate similar to that of LG French-door models, and we did see some complaints about customer service among the analyzed reviews. Minor problems like noise may be slightly more common, and a small percentage of customer reviews still cite major cooling failures. But you might have a better chance of getting a repair done promptly under warranty.

Small models (10 cubic feet) from smaller brands, such as the Magic Chef MCDR1000WE, start around $400. The customer ratings for these lowest-end fridges tend to be decent, though some models (like this retro-styled Galanz) seem more prone to cooling failures than a typical fridge. You can find even cheaper fridges, but they tend to be very small, almost like mini fridges.

A basic, 36-inch French-door fridge from a major brand starts around $1,500. Nice-to-haves, such as a through-the-door ice dispenser and a second drawer, can each add a few hundred dollars to the price, as can a counter-depth design. Then around $2,500, you start to move into truly premium territory. (For side-by-sides, the basic range is more like $1,100 to $2,000.)

In our reader survey, French-door fridges almost always had better ratings for owner satisfaction than the other two most-popular styles, side-by-sides and top-freezers, in everything from perceived capacity to storage and organization to temperature control to looks. Overall satisfaction is where we saw the most dramatic difference: From our research, it seems like all these little ways French-door fridges seem more comfortable or convenient to use add up to a huge statistical advantage.

Price range: As of late 2022, French-door fridges run about $2,000 for a basic model, $2,400 for through-the-door ice, and up to $4,000 for feature-rich or design-forward models from major brands. Built-in models from luxury brands can cost five figures.

Pros: Side-by-sides offer eye-level access to both the fridge and the freezer, plus plenty of shelf space in the freezer. Big capacity and cool features are available at reasonable prices, and the half-width doors are convenient in tight kitchen layouts.

Price range: At this writing, top-freezer fridges start at about $850 for a small, wire-shelf model (sometimes a little less on sale), about $1,000 for larger sizes in stainless finish with glass shelves, and up to $3,500 for retro styles with an American flag or Mickey Mouse finish.

Size range: You get roughly 8 to 22 cubic feet of storage (anything smaller is really a mini fridge). These come in widths of 22 inches to 33 inches, and similar depths (most are roughly square-shaped).

Pros: Top-freezer models are affordable, available in a wide range of sizes, and efficient. No bending required to reach frozen items. These fridges are also more reliable than other types, according to some sources, though we found that they might be more prone to minor, nuisance-type problems.

Price range: At this writing, bottom-freezer fridges run about $600 for the smallest, most basic models, $1,400 and up for larger capacities and better creature comforts, $1,500 and up for narrow but tall European-style models, and $2,000 to $15,000 (and beyond) for built-in models. 041b061a72


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